several members have learned to design and conduct special trainings on health protection using 
interactive approaches. Successfully project implementation by Uchgyn, including a sub contract with 
UNICEF, has attracted attention from the management team of the Central Hospital of Turkmenbashi 
etrap of Dashoguz velayt. The Head of Hospital applied to Uchgyn with a request to conduct series of 
trainings for medical staff. Uchgyn developed modules for mini trainings on breastfeeding and the 
prevention of infection diseases. Uchgyn trained 32 medical personnel who work with local 
communities of three villages. Over the next few months, Uchgyn will conduct four more trainings. 
Community Mobilization 
Heading Towards Sustainability  
The economic transition has resulted in various problems, which can only be solved through joint 
efforts of community members and involvement of key organizations. The community of Selmeli Kel 
village of Ak Altyn Farmers' Union of Turkmnebashi etrap carried out two projects supported by 
Counterpart to provide the community with potable and technical water. The Dashoguz CSSC 
provided every kind of assistance to the community   at the initial stage of needs assessment and 
project design; and during project implementation with consultations, meetings, and training. As a 
result, the Rural Committee was founded. Community members became actively involved in project 
implementation, and established solid working relations with the local authority. The positive 
experience in local resource mobilization, fundraising, and grant management now helps the 
community find optimal solutions to other urgent problems. The Rural Committee developed a project 
proposal, approved by the British Embassy in Turkmenistan for $1,200. At present the community is 
preparing to start construction of a mill in their village. This project takes into account the interests of 
each of the community members and will be monitored by the Rural Committee. The approximate 
cost of mill services was also calculated, and the optimal schedule of mill working hours was worked 
out. The mill services expected to benefit to 300 village households. 
Positive result   incentive to new actions 
Involvement and commitment of communities in the processes of discovering primary problems and 
striving to solve them is still one of the main goals of civil society development in Turkmenistan. 
During the PCA process, which was conducted in Dashoguz velayat, Kunyaurgencheskiy etrap, 
Cotton plant village in 2002 by DCSSC and the NGO Sarygamysh, participants identified the primary 
problem and formed a Steering Committee to develop a plan to address the problem. They designed a 
proposal and received a CAG from Counterpart. The project sought to construct power lines 1.5 km in 
length in the village with participation and investment from community members, resource intake 
from the local factory and financial support from the local government.  In addition with support from 
the factory administration, the community replaced 500 meters of high voltage cable, through which 
electricity can reach the village.  The positive results inspired the committee to continue to develop 
CAPs. The Steering Committee, in coordination with community members, organized work on 
construction of a footbridge. Before, had to walk 2 kilometers to get to work, now this distance is 
shortened to 500 meters. 
Sustainable Civil Society Organizations  
Civil Society Support Expands 
The number of NGOs and initiative groups in the Djizak region has increased over four times in the 
last two years (from 5 to 22) thanks to the activity of the Samarkand CSSC. To support the growing 
need for NGO support in Djizak, a support center for civic initiatives was registered in Djizak in May 
with considerable assistance from the Samarkand CSSC and the director of the new center is a 
Counterpart contract trainer. While a young organization, this new center already has strong ties 
within the community, with clients and partners including initiative groups, local government 
agencies, media, universities and NGOs.  A sampling of partners includes:  the Djizak Khokim's 
office and Khokim offices in Bakhmal, Gallyaaral and Djizak districts; a local business incubator; the 
Internal Affairs Office; the Prosecutor's Office and the Department of Justice of Djizak region; the 



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