Connection with Donors Is Enlarging 
Financial sustainability is one of the most important issues for NGOs and initiative groups of the 
Akhal velayt and Ashgabat city. One of the basic sources of NGO financing is grant pools. In 
Turkmenistan the number of donor organizations is limited, and the Ashgabat CSSC takes great care 
to assist NGOs and initiative groups in their search for potential donors by: updating their database of 
donor organizations; publishing monthly digests; hosting regular Informational Club meetings; 
facilitating meetings with donor organizations to familiarize NGOs with new grant programs and 
fundraising opportunities; and providing NGOs with consultations on projects design and proposal 
writing. In January the World Bank presented its small grants program and contest for innovative 
ideas with the assistance from the Ashgabat CSSC. Representatives of 42 NGOs were present and 
expressed great interest in the new program. Twenty organizations developed project proposals with 
consultative help from the Ashgabat CSSC, and five projects were supported by the Word Bank Grant 
Committee. Similar activities are carried out by the Ashgabat CSSC to assist the NGOs in project 
design and proposal writing for submission to the Democracy Fund of US Embassy, the British 
Embassy, the Fund of the Netherlands, Eurasia Foundation, and the Women's Global Fund.  
New Opportunities  
The Lebap CSSC, seeking to improve volunteer involvement in NGO activities, recruited a team of 47 
volunteers. The system of effective volunteer management developed by the CSSC is a process that 
includes volunteer recruitment, orientation, and creating incentives. Some of the incentives include: 
free English Language Courses; computer training; free access to the Internet; and rewards for 
excellent volunteers. The activities of volunteers vary tremendously and the idea of volunteerism has 
become widely adopted.. In one case, a team of 9 volunteers has been actively involved in Lebap 
NGOs activities by organizing activities such as a Contest for Turkmenabat Best Embroider; two 
sports competitions for disabled children, a crafts fair to support a local orphanage, a Novruz Bayram 
holiday celebration for Aged People Center, a seminar on conflict resolution, and a film about NGO 
activities. Additionally the Lebap CSSC volunteers help clients to use e mail, Internet resources, 
computers and other office equipment, search for information, and translate materials. Having 
originally started as just CSSC's helpmates, the volunteers are now capable of working independently 
developing and implementing new creative ideas and initiatives. To increase the effectiveness of the 
job being done, the volunteers work out the rules and procedures for them to distribute responsibilities 
and manage the process.  
Social Partnership 
Strengthen of the relations  
The potential for social partnership is weakened by dissociation and the lack of information about 
NGO work and achievements. In the summer 2002 Counterpart supported 10 CAG projects on 
infrastructures problem solving with community involvement and partnership development in Akhal 
velayt. The Ashgabat CSSC held a roundtable discussion in May on the  Integration of efforts of 
governmental and public organizations for local initiative development  where 22 representatives 
from local authorities, NGOs, initiative groups and communities participated. The results and 
experience from these 10 CAGs were shared and led to a productive discussion resulting in the 
creation of a Coordination Group on Social Partnership of Akhal velayt. This group, formed by 
representatives from NGOs and governmental structures, developed guidelines and a workplan. The 
first activity of the Coordination Group was to conduct a needs assessment in the four etraps of Akhal 
velayt. Next the Coordination Group began looking for a resources to solve identified problems. In 
addition to working together to address community needs, NGOs and government are now working 
together as equals.  
With care for a health  
In the recent past NGO activities have not been taken into consideration by governmental departments 
and NGOs were not recognized as a viable resource or partner. Members of Uchgun participated in 
Counterpart trainings in Social Partnership, Facilitation Skills Development, and TOT and received 
consultations on project design and proposal writing from the Dashoguz CSSC. With these skills 



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