30 somoni ($10) per month. Parvin applied to the WFP to support these women with flour and oil for 
six months, after which the women are confident they will increase their volume work to be able to 
provide for themselves and their families. 
Qualified volunteers 
Volunteer development is an essential component of modern society. In the Soghd oblast the number 
of volunteers is rapidly growing, not only for international organizations and local NGOs, but also for 
government agencies and social institutions. The Khujand CSSC is experienced in providing 
educational courses to train volunteers and has trained 42 volunteers in seven Counterpart modules. A 
recent survey of local NGOs working 16 Counterpart trained volunteers revealed that they are making 
a substantial contribution, providing quality services and being responsive to the program needs. 
Social Partnership 
Promotion Generates Cooperation 
Mistrust and lack of information about NGO activities has proven that local authorities are not ready 
for cooperation with NGOs. The CSSCs Shahrvand and Fidokor united their efforts to bring positive 
changes in the relationship between local government and NGOs of the Khatlon Area. They initiated 
an exhibition devoted to NGO projects and activities and invited regional and district level 
government officials. As the result the Governor showed interest in the Counterpart CAG program 
and expressed his willingness to mobilize all districts to benefit from Counterpart program through 
training. Both CSSCs were requested by Government to organize a number of trainings for 
governmental officials on a fee for service basis. 
Social partnership for sustainable development of Dushanbe 
Over the last four months the Dushanbe CSSC has worked with the Mayor of Dushanbe to organize a 
meeting with representatives of local and international NGOs, business structures, media, and 
financial institutions. While all groups work to address social problems, there is little coordination or 
information exchange between them. The goal of the meeting was to establish collaboration between 
sectors for joint problem solving and the Mayor acknowledged that NGOs possess the intellectual 
capacity to address problems effectively. As a result of the meeting participants prepared an 
agreement for social and economic partnership with a Coordination Committee of 23 people from 
different sectors as a governing body. The Mayor serves as the Chairman of the Coordination 
Community Mobilization 
Motivation to Move Forward 
One of the root causes of poverty in the Shitharv village in the Ishkashim District in Badakshan is the 
lack of water to irrigate new lands. At its worst, the population wasn't able to grow anything for six 
months, leaving many families to struggle to eat.  Repeated appeals to the state went unanswered. 
After going through Counterpart trainings, the initiative group Shitharv decided to take matters into 
their own hands and developed a proposal to construct a 3 km channel. The Khorog CSSC provided 
technical and consulting assistance in the design of the project, which was funded by the Aga Khan 
Foundation. Within the three months the channel was completed and 50 hectares of lands were 
irrigated. Now community members are growing potatoes, wheat and pumpkins, all of which thrive in 
the mountainous conditions. This project has resulted not only in food and products that can be sold in 
the marketplace for income, but has also ignited the community to continue to look inward to solve 
problems.  They intend to initiate school repairs over the summer vacation. 
Where There's a Will   
Many people in the capital of Dushanbe gave up hope to get gas to heat their homes in the winter, but 
not in one community. The initiative group from the urban Nazarshoev Street mobilized 37 
households to address the gas issue. They developed a proposal, funded by Counterpart, which was 
implemented in two months.  As a result 222 people now have access to gas   and without 
dependence on the government to provide it. 



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