Partnership, Coalition Building and Association Development 
NGO in Partnership  
In this difficult economic environment, many entrepreneurs have created small businesses as a means 
to create jobs for themselves others. While the intention is good, they often lack the appropriate 
business management skills and knowledge, to found a viable business. In order to solve this problem, 
members of three Batken NGOs XXI Kylym Baldary, Ustat, and Kanykei Ene attended a number of 
Counterpart and the Batken CSSC trainings including Project Design, Financial Sustainability, 
Strategic Planning, Microbusiness Basics, and Social Partnership. The three formed a consortium to 
accelerate the formation of Small and Medium Business in Batken region. They designed the project 
Opening Own Business, which was funded by Europe Aid in April 2003 with $11,950. The 
consortium is providing trainings in the development of business ideas and expanded training to 
include one day seminars for official establishments, state organs, local authorities, financial 
establishments and NGOs in Batken, Isfana, Sulukta, Pulgon, Kyzyl Kya. Altogether over 70 people 
were trained. This project became has motivated further business development and stands as a model 
for intersectional cooperation. 
Community Mobilization 
Working Together for a Big Payoff 
Dayres' district (180 households) is located 60 km. from the Kerben rayon center. On April 22 heavy 
rain destroyed a 500 meter road running through the village and the main drainpipe preventing 
irrigation problems. Receiving consultiontations and training in Human Resources Management, 
Strategic Planning, Social Partnership, Fundraising, Project Design, NGO Management, Financial 
Sustainability, and Formation of Interested Environment from the Kerben CSSC, the members of the 
NGO  Yntymak Dayres mobilized citizens to repair the damage. 29 people participated in the road 
repair work with $35 contributed from a local sponsor to subsidize labor costs. Then the community 
worked to restore the drainpipe by hand.  18 community members worked for two days to complete 
the repairs.  The local farm Dayres sponsored the drainpipe repairs with $115 for welding supplies. 
Further, 55 members of the community and residents of Dayres  district cleaned 700 meters of the 
irrigation ditch. With just $150 in funding and in one month, the NGO Yntymak Dayres mobilized 
people to fix the road, repair the drainpipe and clean the irrigation ditch.  
Community Demands Change, Gets Clean Water 
People in the Archa Beshik area of Bishkek (100 households) have not had proper access to water for 
the past ten years. The local residents requested the local NGO Arysh  support their initiative to lay 
pipelines after hearing about Arysh's  success in working on similar issues with a neighboring 
community. The NGO helped establish four community initiative groups and trained them in skills 
such as NGO and Community, Project Design, Fundraising, and Human Resources Management. For 
the start up of the water pipeline campaign, the initiative groups raised $730. Arysh  contributed 
$3,000 US dollars to lay 500 meters water pipe; the city administration contributed $3,900 to lay 200 
meters water pipe. People actively participated in public works. On May 16 the water project was 
completed and opened for use. The project's success was in the local newspaper Slovo Kyrgyzsytana. 
Repair of the School Roof in Tashtak Village  
Tashtak  village in the Jalalabad region has 1350 residents (around 270 households) and a school with  
capacity for 800 students.  PCA exercises revealed the condition of the local school to be a priority 
problem, with a community action plan developed calling for roof repairs to take place during the 
summer holidays. In anticipation of the repairs, the initiative group, working with the local NGO Lola 
Bah began looking for funding from international donors. As a result of participation in Counterpart 
trainings such as Project Design, Fundraising, NGO and Community, Advocacy, Social Partnership, 
and Joint Monitoring and Evaluation, the NGO and initiative group developed the project proposal 
Repair of Roof of Tashtak School, which was funded by the Asian Development Bank with $2,300.  



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