Refugees created strong organization in Kyzyl Kyia. 
Refugees from Tajikistan face a lot of difficulties starting a new life in a new place. There are 596 
refugees (120 households) in Kyzyl Kyia, and many face problems with housing and unemployment. 
Recently these refugees have been taking more initiative to resolve their own problems. In 2001, with 
the support of Batken CSSC, the refugees created the NGO Radjab Ata, which currently provides 
support to refugees. To build the capacity of the NGO, its members attended training seminars 
delivered by Batken CSSC and Counterpart, including PCA facilitation. As a result of this assistance, 
Radjab Ata designed the project Construction of Toilest and Dust collectors. The project was 
approved and financed by UNDP/LIFE to the amount of $4,000. This project is being successfully 
implemented. Currently, Radjab Ata is one of the best NGOs in Batken Oblast with qualified staff, 
good material base and effective communications with their communities. 
Solid Project Design Skills Win Funding 
In May 2002 the Counterpart funded project to renovate the secondary school Alykul in the village of 
Tashtak (Suzak Rayon) was successfully completed. $4,871 in grant funding supported major repairs 
to the school. An additional $2,679 of Counterpart grant funding allowed the community to install a 
new heating system. With all these repairs, the community still lacked technical equipment to put in 
their renovated school.  The school badly needed basic materials such as desks, chairs and 
blackboards for the 750 student school. The NGO El Kutu Elette and Tashtak community members 
took the initiative to address this problem and attract additional resources. With the NGO's proven 
ability to design projects, they prepared the project Providing school equipment, which was funded by 
Mercy Corps with $5,100. The community was able to purchase 9 blackboards, 12 tables, 20 chairs 
and 75 desks. 
Social Partnership 
Stable Partnership = Stable Funding 
The initiative group of Eski Pokrovka, as a target community of the Osh CSSC, has experience in 
community project management. While cost share from the community and local authorities was 
agreed upon by all parties as a stipulation of grant funding, the local authorities cited lack of funds 
and backed out on their commitment. The initiative group, ultimately responsible for the cost share 
requirement, scrambled to collect the $507. This process helped the initiative group realize the 
importance of interaction with local authorities and community members.  The Osh CSSC, aware of 
the struggles, conducted training in Social Partnership and Advocacy and hosted a roundtable 
discussion on strengthening cooperation between NGOs and local authorities. With broad 
participation from NGOs, community members and local government, five communities developed 
agreements to work with the initiative group, who in turn established a stable partnership with the 
Kyzyl October village board. The village board supports the initiative group's activities with a set 
aside in their budget equaling $2,325 in 2003.  As a result, the initiative group is able to address 
problems in their own and seven neighboring villages of the Kyzyl October village board.  
Innovative Partnership for Long Term Development 
A partnership agreement between the Kumtor Operating Company (KOC) and the CSSC of Karakol 
was signed in February and provides support to local NGOs, community organizations and initiative 
groups to implement activities addressing social problems, protecting local interests, and 
strengthening cooperation among communities, businesses and governments. According to the 
agreement, KOC is providing $2,439 annually in grant money to be disbursed through the local grant 
committee in the Issyk Kul Oblast. The first meeting of the grant committee took place on June 20, 
during which 12 of 30 applications were approved. In order to implement credit activities the CSSC 
Karakol and KOC have founded the Microcredit Agency, which was registered in April 2, 2003. The 
sum of $4,878 will be given as credits to NGOs, CBOs, and initiative groups with a 20% interest rate. 
Every year the credit portfolio will be replenished with accrued interest rates and additional 
contributions of KOC, which estimates annual funding at $4,800. The sum of $2,073 has been 
allocated to cover costs associated with administration, grant review and selection, and monitoring 
and evaluation. The cooperation with KOC contributes to the sustainable development of the CSSC 
and development of local NGOs/CBOs. 



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