Community Mobilization 
Training Sparks Change 
Many of the rural areas of the Qaraghandy Oblast are not part of the process of civil society 
development as a result of the limited number of Kazakh speaking experts in the NGO sector. The 
community level effect is inactive communities, few public organizations, and a shortage of financial 
resources for local needs. The CSSC EcoCenter conducted PCA exercises to identify initiative groups 
that could participate in seminars on NGO & Community and Project Design. The CSSC has Kazakh 
trainers who train over 16 community members from Egindybulaq, Qarqaralinsk, Nurken and Terekty 
villages. The initiative groups have subsequently started designing project proposals to address 
change in their communities. 
Community Mobilization Triggers Community Employment 
High unemployment among disabled Afganistan War veterans was identified as a priority problem 
during PCA exercises facilitated by the CSSC ZHALGHAS Counterpart in the Almaty oblast. The 
public organization Almaty City Society of Invalid Veterans of War in Afghanistan used skills 
developed through Counterpart's community outreach program and a number of CSSC trainings and 
consultations to design a community action plan. The resulting proposal was submitted to the 
Canadian Embassy and funded with $8,000 to establish joinery, providing jobs to 27 members. 
We Can Do It Ourselves 
PCA exercises in the Besaghash Village of Almaty Oblast revealed the problem of adequate water 
supply.  The CSSC ZHALGHAS Counterpart facilitated a community meeting to address the 
problem, leading to an action plan that exclusively mobilized internal resources. Due to joint activity 
and efforts, the locals have built the embankment road 250 meters in length, and therefore, connecting 
their village with neighboring Duman. 
Tools for Success 
The lack of farming machinery in the community Incubator  in Almaty Oblast has resulted in a 
decrease in labor productivity. Using skills developed through consultations and training from the 
CSSC ZHALGHAS Counterpart, an initiative group, jointly with public organization Union of Rural 
Women of Talghar County designed a community action plan. The subsequent project proposal was 
submitted to the Embassy of Canada, which granted $9,000 for the purchase of farming equipment. 
Sustainable Civil Society Organizations  
Save the Trees 
For the past three years the number of felled trees has increased in the Tup region, leading to 
increased soil erosion. The resulting desertification has lead to decreased plough land, low soil 
fertility, and a decrease of haymaking. In order to solve these problems the NGO Etno Tur Santash 
applied for consultative assistance to Karakol CSSC and attended the following trainings: Project 
Design and Fundraising. As a result, Etno Tur Santash designed a project to preserve forests in 
mountain villages by planting saplings near Santash, Ken Suu, and Kara Chunkur village. Under this 
project, the local population will plant the saplings, which are provided free of charge by the local 
forestry on the contract basis. GTZ funded this project with $1,005 in April under its program NGO 
and local communities support the Convention on desertification in the Kyrgyz Republic. 
Installation of heating system in Komsomol School 
PCA exercises in Komsomol village in the Suzak Rayon, Jalal Abad Oblast revealed the deterioration 
of social infrastructure, namely the heating system in the high school. In recent winters students have 
had to study in the cold school. The local community, with the NGO Azem, took the initiative to 
attract external funding to install a new heating system. They attended the training workshops, 
conducted by Jalal Abad CSSC and Counterpart and received technical and informational support 
from the Jalal Abad CSSC. As a result, they prepared the project Installation of heating system, which 
was supported with $2,300 in funding from the Asian Development Bank. 



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