The purpose of the Counterpart project component is: 
Increase informed citizen participation in political and economic decision making. 
Sustainable Civil Society Organizations  
You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks! 
Founded over 30 years ago, the public organization East Kazakhstan Oblast Society of Environment 
Preservation is one of the oldest NGOs in the region. However, political changes and external reforms 
resulted in an ineffective management system that could no longer attract funds or retain members. 
The CSSC ZUBR, in coordination with the Society conducted a needs assessment and provided the 
necessary training in Human Resource Management, Fundraising, and the Art of Entrepreneurship. 
Consequently, the NGO restructured its management and has identified opportunities for financial 
sustainability, such as: opening a mini market called The Nature and providing services on a for fee 
basis to the Bee Center. These revenue generating activities have allowed the Society to expand its 
service by launching a series of ecological education programs for residents in Oskemen.   
The CSSC ZUBR Contributes to Sustainable Development of Youth Organization 
Youth, particularly rural youth, have been disenfranchised as a result of the harsh economic transition 
in Kazakhstan. CSSC ZUBR  provided technical and consulting assistance as well as a series of 
trainings in skills such as NGO & Community, Project Design, Personnel Management, Strategic 
Planning, Mass Media Outreach to a local youth initiative group allowing them to register as the 
Association of Youth & Children Organizations. The Association implements and contributes to state 
youth policy in East Kazakhstan region and has developed a project proposal to Establish a Service 
Center to foster regular information exchange and create a social adaptation among rural youth. This 
proposal won a state wide tender with a grant of $29,000 from the Ministry of Culture, Information & 
Public Accord of the Republic of Kazakhstan. One expected outcome of the project is that 20 newly 
trained experts of the Association's will provide over 400 young locals with complex consulting and 
educational services, thereby creating favorable economic conditions for youth.  
The NGO's Newly Developed Skills Contributes To Drug Prevention In Astana 
Astana teenagers, unaware of the myriad of dangers associated with habitual drug use, are 
increasingly becoming addicted to drug usage. The CSSC ASTRa has provided training and technical 
assistance to the NGO Private Fund Nachni Novuyu Zhuzn ( Let The New Life Begin ), one of the 
key players in the field of drug and HIV/AIDS prevention. Using materials provided by the CSSC, the 
Fund developed educational modules adapted for teenagers, their parents and teachers to raise the 
level of awareness of the risks associated with drug use. Over the last four months 28 trained 
volunteers of the Fund have conducted 24 trainings on HIV/AIDS prevention targeting 364 local teens 
and their parents and teachers. As a result of the increased awareness, three Drug Prevention Centers 
were established in city schools to continue promoting a healthy lifestyle among Astana youth. 



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